Horse Trail Capital

1983: HHA trail building efforts in the news (click to read the article)

Maple Ridge offers a unique network of horse trails that is protected under the Official Community Plan. This network encompasses over 100 km of local riding and hiking trails, as well as 50-60 km in nearby Golden Ears Provincial Park. It is thanks to a dedicated group of long-serving equestrian volunteers that Maple Ridge is the Horse Trail Capital of BC.

How Maple Ridge became the Horse Trails Capital of BC
Article by “Trail Boss” Bill Archibald

Maple Ridge trails awarded Heritage Status
Articles by Eunice Rousseau & Stephanie Kwok
Ensuring the preservation of the network of horse trails as a natural heritage resource for future generations is the HHA’s top priority. The 2019 Community Heritage Awards granted Heritage Status to the trails listed below. These awards respect our connection to history, demonstrate our citizens’ enduring passion for outdoor recreation and reinforce Maple Ridge’s unrivalled distinction as the Horse Trails Capital of BC.

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A Long History of Volunteerism
While the HHA became formally registered as a non-profit society in 1981, the history of this group of equestrian trail volunteers has deep roots, going back more than 20 years earlier.

Trail building coordination between local equestrian clubs and the municipal government began in the 1960s; members of the Maple Ridge Riding and Driving Club (aka “Ridge Riders”, formed in the 1940s and precursor to the HHA) and the local chapter of BC Western Horsemen Association (BCWHA) worked together on trail projects throughout Maple Ridge and Golden Ears Provincial Park. In 1965, the District invited the Ridge Riders to create a special trail for the 1967 Canada Centennial Celebration.

However, the history of horse trails in Maple Ridge goes back even further than that — to the late 1800s! Read the HHA’s historical articles via the links on this page for insight into how this fantastic and beautiful trail network is the legacy of the horse in Maple Ridge. Read more about the history of the Horse Trail Network