HHA Member Benefits

Haney Horsemen riding forest trail
When you become a member of the Haney Horsemen Association, you help advocate for equestrian use of the municipal horse trail network today and support HHA’s efforts to preserve these trails for future generations. Your participation benefits all who share a passion for the trail network.

But did you know that there are also individual benefits to being a member of the HHA equestrian community? Yes, indeed! Your HHA membership gives you year-round access to our programs that help you enjoy the municipal horse trail network to its fullest and exclusive opportunities to learn and connect with other equestrians who also cherish time spent with horses on the trails.

Your Haney Horsemen Association offers you:

Group Campouts, Clinics and Rides — members enjoy participating in special events such as custom clinics, annual rides/tailgate BBQs, and access to Allco Park group horse camping facilities.

Trail Buddies program — members looking for companionship on the trails can access a list of others in their neighbourhood who would likewise prefer not to ride solo

Trail Guides program — get in the saddle and out on the trails for mini-tours of the trail network, led by an HHA guide. New members can learn routes, landmarks, tips for specific sections of trail network in a small group, usually four riders or less. These are smaller versions of Know-Your-Trails rides, in terms of number of participants, with the date determined by participants; offered on both weekdays and weekends.

Trail Alerts — members receive direct notification of any new trail hazards, concerns or closures via email.

Trail Mentors program — intended for novice trail horses (not *untrained* horses!) or riders who are novices to trails (not *untrained* riders!), this program provides the opportunity to partner up with one or two trail-savvy horse-and-rider-mentors who will help both horse and rider build the skills and confidence needed for the challenges of trail work.

Haney Horsemen crossing Alouette River

Trail Obstacles Training program — among the skills needed for the terrain of the municipal horse trail network is the ability to negotiate a wide variety of obstacles, such as fallen logs, bridges, and rivers, to name just a few. HHA members with novice trail horses can encounter and practise on similar obstacles, before hitting the trails, in the outdoor agility course that HHA volunteers built in spring 2021 at Horseman’s Park. Offered in small groups, the training dates are determined by participants.