IT’S OPEN! Horseman’s Park Trail Obstacle Course

Thanks to the Equestrian Trails Fund grant provided by Horse Council BC and the collaboration of the City of Maple Ridge with HHA, the Haney Horsemen are thrilled to share the news that our Horseman’s Park Trail Obstacle Course project is now complete and OPEN for recreational use by all equestrians!

Special thanks to Nancy Spratt of Horse Council BC and, from the City of Maple Ridge: Valoree Richmond, Erin Gorby, Colin Priddle, Aaron Billard, Chad Neufeld and super trail builder Alex Torres.

Thanks also to course designer Dave Hodgens, bridge builder Logan Duke-Bodnarchuk (from Rooster Carpentry Inc.), and the amazing volunteer installation crew: Kirsten Call, Kim Hofmarks, Gayle Heuring, Deb Murray, and Dianne Stoesz.

The Horseman’s Park Trail Obstacle Course was built using reclaimed logs from Allco Park. The obstacles can help teach inexperienced horses and/or riders how to handle logs, bridges and tricky terrain in a safe and familiar environment, in preparation for riding out on our Maple Ridge trail network.

Practise going forwards and backwards through the logs.
Horseman's Park Trail Obstacle - Elbow

Pop up onto it; see if your horse will turn around on the platform. It’s not as easy as it looks!
Horseman's Park Trail Obstacle - Platform

Teach your horse to go on to it slowly and go off of it slowly. Time for your horse to trust you, that the bridge is “okay”!
Horseman's Park Trail Obstacle - Bridge

Teach your horse to pick up his feet and be careful stepping over all the logs. Keep a loose rein to let your horse pick his way through. Time to trust your horse!
Horseman's Park Trail Obstacle - Stepovers

Training Tip: If your horse is new to obstacles, hop off and guide (not lead) him over the obstacles, in-hand, at first. Let your horse sniff and check out the obstacles. Then hop back on and try again under saddle.

Have fun! Haney Horsemen wish you happy and safe trails always!