NOTICE: Unstable Gravel Shoulder at Fern Crescent

Beware the very soft gravel shoulder at the northwest corner of 128 Ave and Fern Crescent.  With recent heavy rains, it has destabilized.

This past week, a horse and rider fell into the 2-ft ditch when the gravel shoulder gave way under their weight as they stood at the corner waiting to cross Fern Crescent. They suffered some scrapes but were able to carry on after a rest.

As a result, HHA is recommending that riders ride on the south side of 128th Ave; it has less space, but is more solid.

Please be very vigilant with regard to the footing and traffic. HHA will be sending a report in to the city about this hazard.

Looking west along 128th Ave from the corner with Fern Cres
Gravel loosened by the rain can’t support a horse & rider
2-foot drop into the ditch