Trail Maps & Info

Thanks to decades of advocacy and effort by Haney Horsemen volunteers, Maple Ridge offers a unique network of horse trails that are protected under the Official Community Plan.  Saddle up and start exploring!

Trail Conditions

Winter, spring, summer and fall — you can ride most of the trails in the horse trail network year-round. Be prepared before you ride out by checking the HHA’s Trail Alerts blog for updates about closures, hazards and repair work. Join HHA to have the trail alerts delivered directly and promptly to you via email.


View the maps below to help plan a route for your ride. Connect with the Haney Horsemen to learn more about our on-the-trail programs for members including mentorship for novice horses, riding buddies and small-group tours.

2020 Horse Trail Map courtesy of volunteers at Haney Horsemen Association
Map courtesy of the Haney Horsemen Association

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Horse Trails Map
(Pictured above; updated Feb. 2020; PDF document developed for equestrians by the volunteers at Haney Horsemen Association)

Golden Ears Provincial Park
(PDF document from BC Parks; some sections do not permit horses; obey signage)

Pitt Meadows Dyke Trails
(last update 2013; PDF document provided by City of Pitt Meadows; scroll down to page 2 for map of multi-use trails; some sections do not permit horses; obey signage)

Videos of Horse Trails in Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

Produced by HHA volunteers, these videos highlight specific trails, sections and loops.  Saddle up for a virtual tour with the Haney Horsemen as your guides!

Let’s Ride: Lower Bear Ridge Trail

Let’s Ride: Heron Dyke Loop

Let’s Ride: Duck Pond Trail

Let’s Ride: The Secret Trail

Let’s Ride: Bear Claw Trail (south section) in winter

Let’s Ride: Bear Claw Trail (north section) in winter

Let’s Ride: Turkey Trot Trail (south of creek)

Let’s Ride: Maple Ridge Trail (uphill climb) in winter

Playlist: HHA Trail Steward’s Adventures in Maple Ridge & Golden Ears Prov. Park